Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dead blogger

Random I know, but I'd like to update my blog as often as I can cos I'm neglecting this space. Recently purchased S4 and I'm into mercury jelly cases! Their colours are ever so vibrant and I can't get enough of them.. typical me is typical. I'm a sucker for nice handphone cases :) Gonna collect 'em all~

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dreaming of what could be

I see cobwebs everywhere in this space! HAHAHA! Apparently, I haven't been updating for such a long time. I feel... NO GUILT! >:D yayaya~ So I am, once again with a few lousy quality pictures for whoever to see. Meh.

By the way, 3 weeks of school passed by just like that. Honestly, I don't feel any enlightenment at all. HAHA. I feel just as I did 3 weeks ago. It's like I've suddenly lost this spark/motivation in life to achieve anything and everything. I used to dream big and had so many plans ahead for myself but now I'm just an ordinary aimless girl. Maybe ordinary is good but, I just don't feel happy about it. So contradicting, I know. 

Super outdated picture. I thought I would never meet these people ever again in my life. But I just I'll just keep having to expect the unexpected. :) Surprises are prolly one of the best things in the world.