Sunday, February 15, 2015

Can't wait to graduate!

Hello! It's been so hectic lately, that explains the lack of updates here. >< Just did my hair at J7image for CNY again! Look forward to my post soon!

I guess I'm going to be really free really soon because I'm gonna graduate from SP *Excited*. Just last Thursday, it was my official last day of school at Singapore Poly. I admit that I have been looking forward to this day since day one. One of the main reasons being that the school is located quite far away from my home. However, distance is only one issue which I eventually managed to get used to.

I always get the same old question which every one gets "Why did you choose SP?" I can never give an answer. Deep down I know it myself that I regret my choice. On top of that, I really dislike my experience in school. Disclaimer: I'm not assuming that everyone had a bad experience just like me in poly, I'm merely typing all these in my point of view.  Personally I prefer the education system in secondary system. Oh, yes you may argue that polytechnic prepares you for your future job etc. But then again, it is still an education institution and it pains me to be wasting my school fees when some lecturers/tutors teach halfheartedly or can't even teach at all. Yes, there are still a handful of teachers who care about their student's academic progress and well-being though. But then again, for some modules, I honestly would have scored just as well if I were to depend solely on my notes and not turn up for my classes. If not for my parent's and relative's belief that I can only learn when I'm in school, I would've depended on myself to complete my diploma instead. Everyday I just feel less and less motivated to turn up for school. I'm not proud of it but I have skipped so many classes at my own expense.

Most of my peers are really competitive, academically. Yes, they may spend time with you during lunch time or breaks. But before an exam, everyone disappears. Times where I needed help and went around to ask questions, I realized that only I can help myself solve it. :( It seems as though mostly everyone's idea of "friendship" is different. However, I know for sure that I want true friends and not merely acquaintances. It's kind of sad when you think that these group of people were your friends but during the holidays or when we're out of school we don't even contact nor go out together.

All of these have taught me to be independent and that I can only depend on myself to achieve greater things. I'm so grateful for all the good people that I've met along the way. People who I will cherish forever :) Thank you for being there for me.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Who's that blogger(?) model?"

First of all, thank you all, whoever you are, for allowing me to have a topic to blog about. ^^

I admit. It's rather interesting to see what people say about me, especially when they don't know me personally. Recently, I was told that people were posting things about me on a forum. When I first heard the news, I was truly taken aback - why would people even post stuff about me? *laughs* :'D At first I was disgusted by the comments and felt rather insulted. But now, I genuinely find them interesting and laugh at them instead.

Let me share a few comments made. xD

"Gone under the knife?" HAHA! I'll take that as a compliment. THANKS! If only I was super rich ya? :p

"Make up sibei gao" (meaning make up is super thick) Yes, I agree with that! Sadly, it is typical that all photo shoot makeup is VERY THICK. To be honest, I dare not go out walking on the streets with that amount of make up. :\ Even I myself feel that it's stopping my skin from breathing.... LOL! That's why sometimes I'll remove my makeup immediately after shoots if I had plans to go out after that. Well, it turns out nice in pictures but then, in real life, nope... Nope. Don't believe what you see on the internet!!!!

"Photoshop?" Speaking of photoshop - someone really needs to teach me how to use it because I have no idea how. Just saying. ^^

The rest of the comments are rather crude or mean.. Makes me feel sad.......... for them. (Gotcha, HEHE) :x You can take it as though I'm just repaying them for the attention they gave me (somehow, somewhat) :p #NoPunIntended #ThanksButNoThanks.

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*Flicks hair*
Life is getting more interesting~

Cheers! :D