Thursday, January 7, 2016

Soozip @ Orchard Central

Hello all!

Just a few days ago I was at Orchard Central with my friends for the Soozip Korean Designer Fair. They have a huge variety of handmade and trendy accessories for sale until the 13th of January! I made sure to check out every individual merchant's table for "treasures" and I'm glad to share with you my top 3 picks!

#1 Headbands

These headbands were the first to catch my eye! I couldn't decide between the pink or the grey one because they're all so pretty!!! I love how the gold chains make them so elegant.

Hehe!Trying them on~ <3

I feel so princess-y with the headband on HAHA!

Even though there were already so many merchants putting up their accessories for sale a few days ago, I learnt that more merchants will be taking part in Soozip's design free market!!!... and because I do not want to miss out on all the pretty accessories that are going to be available for sale, I will be coming down to take a look again soon!!!

#2 Bracelet 

Here is another one of my favourite!!! Super pretty bracelet with charms made of glass. I did not get it that day because I was super indecisive. *Regrets* I will be back for this!!! So prettyyyyyyy.

#3 Rings

I can never have enough rings. I feel that they complete my outfits in a subtle manner. I've picked a few that I really love from Soozip! I'm sure you girls will be able to find at least 1 you love too! Gold or silver, they have them all. 

There were a couple of interesting stuff that were pretty eye-catching too! One of them were the Swarovski/white gold plated accessory holders by PinkCrown. I wished that I had all of these to be displayed in my house. :( They're all so pretty and pink is also my favourite colour. They will be perfect as gifts................ *HINTHINT*

This porcelain cake is too cute that I had to take multiple photos with it HAHA!

Ellena's nail art matches perfectly with this. :D


Too pretty!!!

Even these bracelets are so pretty and glittery ♥♥♥ 

Here is another interesting product that I chanced upon:

The merchant shared with us that they actually filmed a video to prove they are bulletproof. SO INTERESTING!!!

Yay. Now our eyes are bulletproof.

So yeah, this pretty much sums up the things that caught my attention :D You girls (or guys) must head down to Orchard Central to see for yourselves!!! I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking from now!

(Disclaimer: Picture spam upcoming..)


 Thanks for reading! Goodbye!

Monday, January 4, 2016


Hello all!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D 4 days late but never too late~

Just like every 1st of January I'll start having flashbacks and reminisce bits and pieces of the past year and how far I've gotten, of course this year isn't an exception. 2015 has been a really fruitful year for me and at the same time, I experienced the pain of losing someone I held close to my heart. There were so many achievements I "unlocked" in 2015. If I had a life bucket list I would say at least half is completed.

I've came a long way. I used to be someone who didn't like social media at all and I was rather introverted and I disliked having my pictures taken. I was really shy and I hated to meet new people. I did not have Facebook, Twitter nor Instagram even though everyone I know owns at least one of them. It still amazes me that I'm now doing things contradictory to what I used to not like. Haha, I remember those days where my friends would exchange their social media platforms on the first day of school and when they realize I do not own any, they'll go "WHAT? You don't have Facebook?!" LOL.

I finally created my Instagram account about 3 years ago when I was still in year 2 of poly because my friends insisted that I created it and I've never regretted since. Instagram is now a part of my daily life. I have always had an interest in photography and I finally managed to explore and learn so much more in 2015. Hopefully I can take photography to greater heights in this new year.

I've never mentioned it but I actually filmed my first video in mid 2015. I have been procrastinating for the longest time on starting a beauty channel on Youtube. As for the video that I filmed and finished editing... I had no confidence to upload it......... *Face palm* On top of that, I felt that it wasn't good enough as I am quite the perfectionist. My closest friends and family kept offering words of encouragement but still, I never did so in the end. :p

2015 was also the year where I was sick the most. I used to be sick only once or twice a year but in 2015, I was either down with a flu, cough, headache or fever almost every week and I was always tired. I know I have been overworking myself, stressing over deadlines and neglecting my health. I juggled my time between my family, friends, school and work - making sure my life was balanced and I was always busy. I would even turn up for photoshoots when I'm having a high fever.. LOL. Therefore, this year my new year resolution  for 2016 is to rest more and take care of my health.. even though I spent my first few hours of the new year (1st Jan) camping in the toilet for hours due to food poisoning and ended up with a fever. (IS THIS A SIGN?!?!? I hope not.)

Oh yes, another new year resolution I have for 2016 is to sleep early. It's currently 5.17a.m. now and you must be thinking that my new year resolutions are all talk and no action. I'm gonna prove you wrong by abruptly ending this blogpost right now and head to bed.