Thursday, January 7, 2016

Soozip @ Orchard Central

Hello all!

Just a few days ago I was at Orchard Central with my friends for the Soozip Korean Designer Fair. They have a huge variety of handmade and trendy accessories for sale until the 13th of January! I made sure to check out every individual merchant's table for "treasures" and I'm glad to share with you my top 3 picks!

#1 Headbands

These headbands were the first to catch my eye! I couldn't decide between the pink or the grey one because they're all so pretty!!! I love how the gold chains make them so elegant.

Hehe!Trying them on~ <3

I feel so princess-y with the headband on HAHA!

Even though there were already so many merchants putting up their accessories for sale a few days ago, I learnt that more merchants will be taking part in Soozip's design free market!!!... and because I do not want to miss out on all the pretty accessories that are going to be available for sale, I will be coming down to take a look again soon!!!

#2 Bracelet 

Here is another one of my favourite!!! Super pretty bracelet with charms made of glass. I did not get it that day because I was super indecisive. *Regrets* I will be back for this!!! So prettyyyyyyy.

#3 Rings

I can never have enough rings. I feel that they complete my outfits in a subtle manner. I've picked a few that I really love from Soozip! I'm sure you girls will be able to find at least 1 you love too! Gold or silver, they have them all. 

There were a couple of interesting stuff that were pretty eye-catching too! One of them were the Swarovski/white gold plated accessory holders by PinkCrown. I wished that I had all of these to be displayed in my house. :( They're all so pretty and pink is also my favourite colour. They will be perfect as gifts................ *HINTHINT*

This porcelain cake is too cute that I had to take multiple photos with it HAHA!

Ellena's nail art matches perfectly with this. :D


Too pretty!!!

Even these bracelets are so pretty and glittery ♥♥♥ 

Here is another interesting product that I chanced upon:

The merchant shared with us that they actually filmed a video to prove they are bulletproof. SO INTERESTING!!!

Yay. Now our eyes are bulletproof.

So yeah, this pretty much sums up the things that caught my attention :D You girls (or guys) must head down to Orchard Central to see for yourselves!!! I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking from now!

(Disclaimer: Picture spam upcoming..)


 Thanks for reading! Goodbye!

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  1. Aahh, I wish I'd live in Singapore! So many cute things :( I hope you had fun!
    PS: your eyes are beautiful! I hope you don't mind, if I ask you which lenses you wear? :)