Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Skin Senzes Nose Blackhead Peel Off Mask

Hey guys!

Most of us love eating strawberries but have you ever heard of a Strawberry nose? If you have plenty of blackheads on your nose, it looks as though they're the pips on a strawberry, therefore, its name :p 

First of all, let's talk about what a blackhead really is. Blackheads are basically a clogged up pore that's filled with excess oil. It becomes oxdised (darkened) when the oil can't be released out into the skin due to it being blocked (in most cases, it's due to dead skin cells). 

Blackheads are most commonly found on our face - specifically on the nose!

I remember the first time I realized my nose had a lot of blackheads and I used my fingers to pick on them to squeeze them out because I was dying to get them out of my nose.. -_- I somewhat got addicted to it (LOL) as it was rather satisfying to see the gunk oozing out from your pores. It was gross but oddly satisfying. Somehow. Somewhat. PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERS TO SQUEEZE BLACKHEADS ON YOUR NOSE LIKE I DID! I regret my actions now because all that led to enlarged pores and I realised after squeezing them with my fingers my sensitive skin becomes red and angry and flakes off too.  I wished I knew proper skincare when I was younger. (Sigh)

I'd like to introduce you Skin Senzes Nose Blackhead Peel Off Mask set. 

RSP: SGD $29.90 each excludes delivery charges*
1 X Nose Blackhead Peel-Off Mask 60 ML
1 X Pores Minimizing Serum 30 ML
1 X Facial Blackhead Cleansing Brush FREE (worth SGD $19.90* – For limited period only)

It effectively removes blackheads, whiteheads and impurities on targeted skin areas and cleanses off tiny pores hairs instantly which cause clogged pores. It moisturises and soften the pores to effectively remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads and making it easy to peel off.

The first thing I noticed about the mask was the smell. 

Apparently it is infused with multiple fruit extracts, it's no wonder it smells so good! I was kind of worried that it would smell like a glue as it's texture is similar whereby it's sticky at first but dries off after that and be ready to be peeled off. 

It is really easy to use as well! All you got to do is spread the mask onto your concern areas around the nose. I always try to make the mask as perfectly shaped as I can :p I'll advise you to spread it around a lil bit thicker so that you can peel the mask off in one piece after it dries off! Also, be sure that you get your hair out of your face too as you don't want them to stick onto the mask. (yes, the mask is very sticky) 

I feel like I'm turning into a panda. 

Leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes for the magic to happen. :p You will know it's fully dried up if the mask is not shiny and sticky anymore. :D 

Try to find something to do while you wait for the mask to dry. For me I like to use my phone to be updated on social media or play games. 

After the mask is dried up, peel it off and admire all the gunk stuck onto the dried up mask while trying to believe all that was inside your nose 20 minutes ago. You're lying if you say you don't do that. I'm not gonna show you mine because I don't want to gross y'all out but if you're really dying to see what's like it on a used blackhead peel of mask, click here.

The next step is to apply the pore minimizing serum to sooth, calm and hydrate your pores. Based on my own experience, after peeling off the mask my skin will be a little red but after I apply the serum, the redness will disappear overnight - which is awesome! :D 

Is it for drinking? 

Nah, just kidding~

Just apply the serum directly onto your nose and you're good to go! :D 

Oh yes, the best way to be 'strawberry nose free' is to prevent them from forming as  it saves you the hassle from getting rid of them!

Here's the facial blackhead cleansing brush included in the kit for a limited time period only! It has little bumps to exfoliate your skin gently.

When you exfoliate your skin, you remove excess dead skin cells. This is very important because dead skin cells is what blocks the excess oil from flowing freely out of the pore. It also helps to clean out the pores so they don't look stretched (from being filled with excess oil) thus making the pores looking smaller.  So exfoliate your skin at least once a week (twice if your skin can tolerate it) or use a gentle daily exfoliating scrub daily.  It's gentle enough on my sensitive skin but works amazingly well. 

Prevention of blackheads is a lot easier than getting rid of them. In general, exfoliating is a great way to prevent blackheads. Also, remember blackheads can also be caused by different factors too such as being unhygienic and stress (hormones going crazy) so our lifestyle can also influence our blackheads too!

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