Saturday, November 12, 2011

They've arrived!

Bought these cosmetics over the internet and they've arrived so quickly. :D They're like super chio to me la! And if you think these cosmetics are ugly/unnecessary/stupid/ or whatever..... Please :D Go away~ :)

Picture order: Kawaii-est to unglamourous. (edited to not edited)

Make up products + hello kitty \(Y)/

Editing photos are somewhat important if you're not using a dslr or the lighting is bad etcetc.

Dark side - I feel putting on make up/ dolling up is so important to me when I go out. I cannot stand it when people around me comments about me putting make up. Please la. These people fail to understand how I feel man. Esp guys. Correction, ESP my boyf. -.- Can't believe he somewhat talked about me putting make up in front of my friends and mock me. Of course I feel so insulted la but I din say anything. Wtf right. He mentioned I die also cannot leave the house without make up. But there ARE times when I go out the house like a clean faced nymph okay? I only put on make up at more appropriate occasions such as when going out to city areas/ big shopping malls/ important occasions. But of cos go nearby supermarket/ kopitiam/ go school I don't la. I want to look glam mah. I don't care if people calls me fake or whatsoever but I rather look fake and presentable than natural and downright ugly. Please la, my face so many scars/ pimples etcetc due to operations/ surgery/ ownself squeeze pimples is like damn depressing to me la. -.- Damn ugly you know? I don't deny that my self confidence is low. But don't need so bad till mock me right? I don't even think I can use those giant circle lens that can enlarge irises and make your eye look super big and chio. That only leaves me with putting make up to look better. Because my cornea was torn and it has a scar now. Some more my eyelid there like distorted one cos of some surgery very long ago and I hate it when people ask me why my eye so ugly one. That's why I have to cover all these flaws with make up la duh. You can't just ask me to embrace NATURAL beauty 100% cos these scars and all... I really hate them. It's so unfortunate to go through all these surgeries and all already and yet some people still wants to make my life even more miserable. I'd really like to say F**K YOU ALL MAN! If you don't understand me then you should've kept your thoughts to yourself. If not, GND biatches. And please, I don't care about your opinions about how I look. What matters is my opinion of how I look.

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