Saturday, June 8, 2013

I wish you knew

It's scary how fast I can spend my money... It's really scary. Don't know why, but ever since the MST period, I have been spending more money than usual. I suspect its a 'natural reaction' to reduce the stress I have been facing. Or is it just an excuse? HAHAHA! I CONFESS! I've turned into a shopaholic!!!! Hundreds and hundreds of dollars have been spent, gonna be close to a thousand already - Gosh. Maybe I should pick up a hobby instead. Maybe swimming? Or gaming? Otherwise, I'd have too much time on my hands during this holiday and spend more money as a result. I JUST CAN'T STAND THE TEMPTATION TO BUY MORE THINGS...... My 1 week of holiday just gone like that :'( I'm only left with 2 weeks and I'd better do something useful. These days I've been working on new songs on the piano but suddenly I don't have the patience to do so anymore... :( I feel like going to the beach one of these days to cycle. I know that's a really random thought, but I really NEED to take a break. I cannot go to shopping malls anymore because I feel really really sad when I see something I like but cannot buy it. *rolls eyes* Anyways.. I'm really loving and hating this holiday at the same time.... I miss you. 

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