Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Just last weekend I had a short trip to Batam with 3 aunties (mom, grandma and aunt)! xD :X 2D1N wasn't sufficient to complete our whole itinerary that was planned beforehand, sadly. (not for me, but for the 3 aunties - 'cos I couldn't wait to get back home asap lolol xD) They initially planned to have their nails and hair done + massage on the 2nd day but did not get anything done at all O.O... Day 1 was pretty eventful and exhausting at the same time as we had to stick with a tour group and had to travel from place to place quite frequently. Being in a tour group is not my thing as I prefer free and easy. :/ We had lunch at 933 seafood restaurant which I felt was -meh- even though I'm a huge seafood lover. While eating there back then, I kept thinking about Singapore's chilli crab and.. bbq stingray....... and wished I could have some instead. *drools* In my opinion, the food there pales in comparison with the seafood I usually have in Singapore. But then again, the food is super cheap there, soooooo I guess I can't be expecting too much. :) 

We visited a number of dry food stalls and throughout the whole time I was sampling on the various types of dry foods. :p I felt bad for sampling so much even though I wasn't planning to buy anything. Therefore, I bought a few bags of prawn crackers. Yes, GOOD KARMA COME TO MEEEEEE~ LOL :x I only spent about $10 SGD there though. :p The rest of my money flew to shopping at Batam's Golden Factory Outlet. Even though the  things there are super affordable, it all adds up. Everyone seemed to be in harmony when saying "cheapcheapcheap" while picking the clothing from different brands HAHAHAHAHA. I grabbed too many pieces that I ended up having to let go of some, otherwise I would be broke :'D oh~ the agony of letting go~~~~ </3 :x

When my mom mentioned that we would be having a massaging session, I was horrified and reluctant to go as I had a rather bad first massaging experience at Shen Zhen some time ago. However, I decided to give it another chance and I was glad I did because it was rather relaxing even though I was trying my best not to burst out laughing when she was on the area of my legs and rib cage xD xD I'm so glad it did not leave me with aches all over my body like how the one in Shen Zhen did. :'D hehe.

When we finally got to our hotel in the evening, I was so sorry I judged it based on the picture on the internet LOL! It was so much more in real life. So pretty and instaworthy <3 <3 Best thing about the hotel is that they had free wifi even though the connection was bad!!!!!!!  YAY! Oh, did I mention that the place was instaworthy? Well, it was a pity I myself wasn't instaworthy.... AT ALL. LOL. I REGRET NOT BRINGING PRETTIER CLOTHING OK? HAHAHA. Even my grandma said that I looked like I was wearing pyjamus out!!! T_T 

I did not want to waste the opportunity to not be able to capture all the pretty backgrounds around the hotel, so I just had to make do.... and give a HUGE SMILE =D <---- like this! Just that my eyes are closed. :p On the second day, we went around the hotel just to snap some pictures, it took quite some time but I guess it was all worth it :p I was their photographer for the day.. I guess it's time I take photos for others instead? :p I think I took over 300 photos for them LOL. Too many to choose from but I chose the photo below because it's one of the rare pictures that my grandma actually SMILES  for the camera.. xD

 Caption: 1... 2.. 3.. aunties! :x (Hope my mom doesn't see this. =D)

Kay, I'm out of words to say.....

Well, I got a little ambitious and decide to do some hair flipping :p Who could've guessed it would turn out like that at first try? HEHE. #AchievementUnlocked

I should stop trying to add captions below my photos..........

Hehe, in conclusion, this trip was more than I expected it to be.. Even though my money spent there was more than expected, I'm still happy I have such good buys =D I wouldn't have been able to survive without my grandma's convertible walking stick during the trip though! :x :p Because it can be converted into a seat, I kept hogging onto it while the rest were shopping for my own benefit HEHEHEHE.. One of the best inventions ever!!! I think I need one, then maybe I can sit on the MRT on my portable chair during peak hours whilst travelling from the East to the West for school... =D =D =D Sounds like a good plan eh.. Just hope I don't get stomped.. xD 

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