Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Eyebrow embroidery @ Browart Studio

Hello all!

Eyebrow embroidery is something that I would never expect myself to do because I was already blessed with rather thick eyebrows naturally but they weren't perfect of course. Not only that, both my sister and mother have also done eyebrow embroidery elsewhere but the results weren't very natural.

However, I decided to finally do it because Lawrence from Browart Studio showed me the difference between eyebrow embroidery by other salons vs eyebrow embroidery done by them! I must say, there was really a difference as it was really natural to an extent that you can't tell that it was actually eyebrow embroidery!

Jenny from Browart Studio is really skilled and you can completely trust her to give you the results you want! She has experience for more than 10 years! Not only that, Browart Studio uses this special pigment for embroidery imported all the way from Korea!

I requested korean thick brows hehe! Here's her using a eyebrow pencil to shape my eyebrows into the desired shape.

Before the whole procedure, a numbing cream will be applied so that the procedure will be painless!

This is the finish product! Before and right after the eyebrow embroidery! It's so natural! I love it! Throughout the whole procedure I was rather chill and relaxed. My pain tolerance level is really low however I only felt scratches! :D I could even go out straight after doing my eyebrow embroidery at Browart Studio because the finish product was so natural :D hehe! 

After the numbing cream wears off, I made sure not to touch my brows and applied the medication that Jenny gave me after the embroidery service :) The pain only lasted a day though! 

I would seriously recommend you to try out Browart Studio's embroidery service if you are considering to have your eyebrow embroidery!

Browart Studio is located at 112 Katong, East Coast Road #01-17.
Opening hours 11am to 8pm everyday
You can also visit their instagram page: @browart_studio


  1. Hi Charlotte how much does it cost and where did you do ur eyelash embroidery . How long does it last for both eyebrows and eyelashes thank you.

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