Sunday, November 24, 2013


Yes, I hate my retainers so so so so so much >:( its something that I dislike wearing but NEED to wear, otherwise it'd be at my expense. Its been about a month since I removed my braces and ever since then, I've been wearing this burdensxzgxhchisirid thingy on my teeth.. I can't even speak properly up till now with it on. So much for 'will get used to it after a few days'. *roll eyes* THE LETTER 'S' TAKES SO MUCH EFFORT TO PRONOUNCE.. I SAY IT LIKE A BABY WHO'S LEARNING HOW TO PRONOUNCE THE LETTER S AND THEN GET LAUGHED AT. :( AND THANKS TO RETAINERS MY DAILY ROUTINE HAS CHANGED. For example, before eating, go toilet. After eating, go toilet. JUST TO TAKE OFF THOSE RETAINERS. Veryveryvery troublesome :( But.... hahaa sometimes if I'm lazy right, I just take it out in front of my friends and shake those salivary gross things in front of their faces :p welllllll they don't seem to mind upfront but who knows deep inside they're judging me big time. :') Now that I think about it... I guess it's not so bad after all... HAHAAH SRY FOR CONTRADICTING LOL. Because retainers are so much better than wearing braces. Since the day I wore braces, i've been anticipating to take it off cos I hate it so much xD K BYEEE

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