Friday, November 29, 2013

Little thoughts

Suddenly, I keep reminding myself that I'm getting older. Even as I type, I'm getting older :( It then occurred to me that I'm not the only one getting older. Everyone else is too... My family, my friends and even my pets :( I'm so afraid that I would lose any single one of my loved ones. Anyone whom I hold dear to may just be gone one day, and that thought sucks so much. I haven't really been spending quality time with my family, nor friends these days since school has been occupying most of my time. Not that I don't want to, but I really really really wish I can spend more time with people. I don't want to regret it only when they're gone. In life, I have taken many things for granted, especially my grandmother who took care of me when I was younger and cooks my dinner for me everyday, even up till now when I rarely visit her. Honestly, I don't like most of the food that she cooks and once in a blue moon I would like the dishes she prepared. But now as I ponder about it, I should have treasured every single meal she cooked because I may end up missing her home-cooked food one day... (Omg I have this surge of emotions suddenly). I have 2 holland lopped bunnies and yes, they're so adorable... until they start to poop and pee everywhere. One of them is potty-trained but the other isn't. But both of them pick up bad habits from each other, unfortunately. They can really dirty the place mercilessly and poor me always gets scolded from my parents even though I've already cleaned up after them several times before they started their poop spree again. :\ But, I still love them a lot. That's because, although they're so naughty, they're really affectionate at the same time. You can tell that they're happy to see you when you play with them and especially when you feed them, they just get into a frenzy. Sometimes I wished they could communicate with me more because I really can't tell what they're thinking. Like, if I forgot to refill their water bottle/feed them or whatsoever, they can't tell me. They have an average lifespan to about 10 years and they're about 3 years old now. And I JUST HOPE I'M GONE BEFORE THEM, RATHER THAN THEY WOULD BE BEFORE ME. Enough said. This year, I managed to learn how to appreciate things more. Give more, expect less. I feel so much happier this way. :) 


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