Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's December!

Yay! It's the last month of the year! When it's December I get very excited because it's gonna be a new year soon! :D I just have this mentality that every new year is a new start HAHAHA! I'm kinda looking forward to next year because there would be so many changes in school xD New class, new classmates, new modules, internship etcetc. Though I'm rather sad that I may not be in the same class as my friends anymore, I'm still excited for the change HAHA! So contradicting.. but yeah.

Right now, its the MST week and I don't know what am I doing with my life, sitting in front of my laptop typing out all these nonsensical stuff when I should be studying. I don't know what's keeping me from having a sense of urgency for this MST. Seriously I feel more relaxed than usual. Maybe it's the after effects from eating vitamin B complex. I was introduced to this about 2 weeks ago because I accompanied rachel to see her hair therapist. We had quite a long talk and the doctor/consultant told me to consume this due to my super heavy flow thus more tired than I should be during my "1 month 1 time" thingy.. HAHAHAA uh-hum. *ok, moving on.*

She claimed it was some sort of booster. Initially I din quite believe that it would work so well but I still gave it a try. So far, it has allowed me to feel less sleepy and have a longer attention span than if I were not eat it. But it's not a 'miracle pill' because when you need to sleep, you WILL STILL FEEL TIRED. I'm not really into supplements but because this thing works, I made sure I add it into my daily list of "MUST DOS". However, good things will eventually have a downside to it. That is, you'll be 'heaty'. Like, you have to ensure you drink lots and lots of water after eating it and otherwise your pee will turn super yellow. Yes, your pee will turn yellow still but not SUPER YELLOW UNTIL BROWNISH LOL. EW. HAHA. Omg, I think I'm sharing too much. Well, best thing would be that if you're so curious about this, you should try it yourself to see the difference! Bye! Back to studying! :D 

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