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I'm so glad to be back in Singapore safe and sound! :D Just a week ago I was at Bangkok for my "grad" trip. (P.S. I haven't officially graduated yet but.. semi-graduated. You get the idea.. :p) Overall the trip has been good but it wasn't my best experience at Bangkok because I was down with a fever and had diarrhea for days :'( I was told that my pictures on Instagram doesn't reflect how sick I was HAHAHA! I guess no matter how sick I am, I'll still smile for pictures! :x

It was rather difficult to look for medicine nearby the hotel I was staying in. I'm not sure about all of you but my "first aid" for a fever would be Panadol which I didn't manage to get in the 7 eleven store nearby. :(((( Most of the meds there were labelled in thai words and I had no idea how to read. I did not want to pick up the wrong medicine that cures something else instead x.x Luckily, there was a brand called SARA(?) or something close to that which had the word "Paracetamol" written on it. Honestly, I was quite skeptical about it because I have never seen that label before, plus the packaging looks rather.. meh. (*.*) It managed to bring down my fever though. LOL! I guess this proves the phrase "Do not judge a book by it's cover" xD xD As for my tummy, I did not manage to cure it even after I came back from my trip.. :'( At least it's good now! Those nights where I got out from bed to rush to the toilet were terrible.. :'(

I did not manage to cover my itinerary planned beforehand. :( I just felt like going back to the hotel to rest everyday because I was sick :'((( There goes my plans of eating good food and shopping at night markets :( The weather there was really hot too especially on the day we went to Chatuchak. O,O I was honestly so afraid of getting burnt by the sun that I walked around wearing a cardigan to protect myself from the sun.. I think everyone who walked past me was thinking I was crazy. :p Yes, it was reallyreally hot but it was better than being sun burnt :x Took a train to Mo Chit to get there :D Whenever the train passes by Chatuchak I'll always be amazed by the view.. BECAUSE THE AREA IS HUGEEEE!!!! So happy that I managed to eat their coconut ice cream again ^^ Hehe, the place was so big that we got lost xD Should've just stayed within their fashion zone.. xD But then again, if we did, I'll never get to know that they sell super cute animals like bunnies, puppies, squirrels etc. SUPER CUTE. 

I was going crazy because the bunnies were so cute!!! (。♥‿♥。) I wanted to cuddle all of them!!! xDD If they could be brought back I would have got them already! :p SO TINYYYY AND CUTE LOL! They were so many mini sized Muffies (My own rabbit) ( ˘ ³˘)♥





I wanted to touch them but then I was too shy~ :x Plus I was scared that the shop owners would be mindful of it :(

For the first 2 days or so, we traveled via train everywhere!!! O.O But, being a lazy person, I did not continue doing it and took a tuktuk wherever I went instead ^^v So convenient!!! xD Most of them were really nice people. However, I realized that some of the drivers like to jack up prices and we have to end up bargaining or take another tuktuk instead. During my whole trip, especially on a tuktuk I was extremely vary and concerned about my belongings. I WAS SO AFRAID TT SOMEONE WOULD SNATCH MY STUFF AND RUN AWAY WITH IT :( Fortunately nothing of that sort happened.. :)

Messy hair don't care.

Yes, I took a picture outside the hello kitty cafe but had no chance to go into the cafe.... :'(((( Probably next time.

Afteryou at Siam was so good :) I WANT TO GO THERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :((((( Just looking at these makes me crave for more. T_T Thank you Alicia for the recommendation. I feel like a mountain tortoise for not knowing this place exists. xD

Choconana toast

Cheddar cheese toast

Lava cake + Ice cream

Brownie + Ice cream

All of them are so good... I can't pick my favourite :( ALL ARE MY FAVOURITES LOLOLOL xD ok I'm just feeling very hungry now.. xD We also had A&W at Siam! I remember when I was younger, I really loved it a lot. Now, I'm honestly not a fan of it anymore.. SORRY :( We also had thai food at some random thai restaurant at Siam Paragon and had Ramen in some Jap restaurant (Can't rmb the name)!  Super nice!!! =D Other than all the food I've mentioned, the other food we ate aren't that glamorous at all.. let me give you some examples... Cup noodles, 7eleven microwaved food & McDonalds. xD Well in the end all these food end up the same.. as diarrhea. OPPS :x teehee.

I wished I had bought things for everyone :( I wanted to customize things for everyone but I did not have enough time :'(((( Probably next time. I guess even though I did not manage to shop a lot, it's a good thing for me because my closet is exploding. Please bkk, stop increasing your prices :( 7 months ago since I last visited versus now, your prices have already shot up by a lot :( Their night markets are still the best!!!! <3 Everything is so cheap =D Wheeee~

Not sure when will be the next time I will be going to BKK again. :p 

If you somehow managed to read till the end of my post.... 

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