Saturday, April 11, 2015

Advertorial: PureViVi

Hello all!

Today I am gonna introduce you my current favorite make up remover! :D


It is called Purevivi Cleansing Lotion!
Never heard of it? Neither did I until more than a month ago when I was given a bottle for a review!

It is from Japan and made in Japan, of course ♡
Now for someone who puts on quite a lot of make up for photoshoots mostly everyday, a good make-up remover is really one of the best investment you can make. For me i have tried almost everything, from soap to foam-based to mousse to gel-based to oil-based to make up remover wipes. The most effective one i would say is oil-based one to cleanse of those stubborn water-proof mascara. But honestly i secretly hated oil-based remover because no matter what there’s still this leftover oily feeling, not to mention it is quite messy when you pour/pump it out and worse if it spills over.

But why is Purevivi my favorite now???

It is a make-up remover that is almost like water!!!!! It is fragrance free, non-oil based, alcohol free, and the texture is SO SO light it’s like cleansing with water!!!
Here are the 4 main functions:
Removes makeup
At first i was very skeptical... Honestly it looks like a bottle of mineral water. (LOL) I thought that it might be so mild that's why it’s perfect for sensitive skin. But seriously!! It manage to remove all traces of heavy make up on my face!

(Hehe, I purposely leave on my heavy photoshoot make up for this demonstration! xD)

First of all, wet, your cotton pads with a few drops of the lotion~

Then i cover my eyes and gently wipe off~
This lotion contains moisturizing plant extracts like grapefruit, lemon, jujube, apple aloe and barley extracts, so it’s completely natural and gentle to skin, yet it’s effective in removing even waterproof make up!

Annnnd my right eye is totally make-up free!!! I have never used such light texture liquid that so effectively removes make up before!

I was honestly surprised that my lip make up could be removed the lotion too! O.O I had Limecrime's Velvetines (Red Velvet) on my lips and it is known for it's staying power. All I had to do was wipe it off with a soaked cotton.
All of it came off!! Really clean in just a few wipes, and the best is it doesn’t leave any funny smell or uncomfortable feeling on your lips like some oil-based removers do.

Thoroughly clean face with no make~
The packaging doesn’t look very fancy mancy wancy, but highly recommended!
This bottle is 500ml, apparently it says that it will last you more than 2 months if you use it everyday (with 2-3 pieces of cotton), but guess what!! I have already used it for more than a month and look at the volume!! That’s how much i have used lolol. (Ok maybe i’m just extra kiam siap lol.)
Wanna know the best thing about this product?
The price.
Guess how much??

SGD $19.90 for 500ml!!!

Crazy right??? I used to spend so much money on high-end make up cleansers! >.<
Seriously this is one of the most worth-your-money products ever, you can just go try it yourself!

Purevivi is available at selected Watsons outlets


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  2. Hello Charlotte,
    Really like and admire you (: how I wish I can be like you modeling and wearing all the pretty clothes from blogshops...
    Please do up a youtube vid on makeup tutorial featuring the makeup products you use and maybe skincare routine? Or maybe on how you maintain ur figure? Being so slim. Or maybe on your current life like what you are doing after graduation(: