Friday, June 5, 2015

Starting up

If you were to ask me, so far I have never regretted doing blogshop modelling. 
In fact, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Before I started out, I was modelling for photographers introduced to me who wanted to build their portfolio because I wanted to earn extra cash $$$. Nope, I don't come from a rich family background and I had to earn $$$ so that I can buy nice clothing, bags, shoes etc. for myself. Unfortunately, I had a rather bad experience with these photographers. I was often told that I should stop modelling because I was bad at it, no potential, not natural enough etc. I remember one photographer was really mean to me and left me sarcastic comments and the last thing he said to me was "goodluck with your modelling career". Tsk. Not being stereotypical, but based on my own experience these photographers are usually males and tiko-pehs (perverts) that eye on every opportunity to take advantage of girls. Most of the time, whenever I asked if someone could come along with me for the photoshoot because I was uncomfortable being by myself, they would often react very unpleasantly and give excuses like "very unprofessional etc". Apparently, they want me to be with them 1 on 1, but no thanks. So secretive for what LOL! Don't call me skeptical but it's better to be safe than sorry right? I definitely do not encourage girls to take up photoshoots from these guys, especially if you don't know them personally. And even if they claim to be from local universities and want to build their portfolio, nope, just nope.

Even though people told me I couldn't make it and left negative comments, it did not stop me. My amazing journey began when I had the opportunity to do blogshop modelling. (LOL xD). My very first blogshop photoshoot was on 24 September 2014 with Butteredgun. It hasn't even been a year since I started out but it feels like a very long time has passed. I still remember clearly how that day went. xD Back then I would go for shoots on almost every Friday after school. :p 

Omg, these pictures brings back so many good memories HAHA xD Even though the journey was quite long there, I managed to make it on time xD Punctuality has always been an issue for me. I am never early for school and I was often labelled as a late comer since secondary school HAHAHA. Being punctual truly is an accomplishment for me :x Eventually I started taking up more photoshoots and collaborated with many other stores and brands. So far I have met so many amazing people and acquaintances who turned into my friends :D I have ventured into areas that I have never thought I would ever accomplish in my life!!! No words can explain my gratitude for everything and everyone who has supported me in any way! Even to my followers on my Instagram profile (@Charlottelum) and those who leave nice comments! ^^ They are the reason to keep me going! :D

Not everything is smooth sailing though. Sometimes, there might be internet trolls who want to bring you down and incapable people out there who want to eat your money etcetc. Some people might even take you for granted. Then again, ignorance is bliss :) So far one of the biggest challenge I have faced is the weather. Sometimes the sun will be blazing hot and sometimes it will rain heavily, disrupting the shoot. Urgh, I really need to remind myself to wear sunblock before heading out of the house. Usually, I only apply it to my face, that explains why I have uneven skin tone :(((( *cries* I used to be fairer but thanks to the forever-summer-singapore-weather, I have become a lot tanner as outdoor shoots means more exposure to the sun. :((((((

Also, here's a very sensitive issue that I have been keeping to myself for quite some time. 

I have been called " too skinny" by almost everyone to an extent that I am very self-conscious, especially when I model a piece of clothing that is more oversized than usual. It's quite hurtful especially when insensitive people leave comments like "so skinny, do you even eat". I did not choose to be this way. I can't grow fat for whatever heck I eat. Some people even think I starve myself just to be this way. I used to see a doctor/nutritionist due to being severely underweight but they concluded that I just have a high metabolism rate and have a naturally small body frame. I hope that some people realize that there are people who are born to be skinny, and no matter how hard they try to grow fatter, they can't. Just like fat people dislike being called fat, and skinny people dislike being called skinny. I don't get why that is to most people, only fat people will be hurt when insults are being thrown at them, but skinny people wouldn't. 

Given the choice who wouldn't want the perfect body figure? 

So far these are the only few negative experiences I had since I started out!  However I would prefer to focus on the positive experiences I've gained! ^^v  I'm still looking to gain more exposure hehe. One of my upcoming plans is to start making videos on youtube! Looking forward!!! ^^

There might be up and downs to everything in life! However, as long as you believe in the things you do, nothing is impossible! 



  1. urgh, I've had the same experiences as you! people will encourage you to go 1 on 1 or even 2 of them and ask you to come alone. they're so pervy and want to take advantage of girls! why can't I bring my friend if you have nothing to hide? also, I understand the "skinny" comments...for some reason calling someone fat is offensive but calling someone skinny isn't. I think you make a fine model! keep it up :)

  2. You're in the right field girl! You're totally suited for modelling. :) I've never been to any photoshoot tho,so insecure about my body and face. :/ Hoping that I'll get over my insecurity someday. Keep doing what you love,girl! xx
    ( )

  3. Ooooh i will be very happy if you make s yt account and cheer up
    Fighting charlotte
    Love seongmi

  4. Since u were not even popular i followed u alr, watching u hav this achievement i really feel happy for u, good luck~