Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eyelash Extentions at Devonshire

Hello all!

I'm super pleased to have my eyelash extentions done at a Japanese beauty parlor named Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons quite some time ago. To be honest, it was the second time in my life that I have ever did eyelash extentions! xD But that was a long time ago. :p I'm not sure if you all noticed but I rarely touch my lashes- No mascara, no falsies. I'm personally too lazy to put on falsies as it requires time and I'm also very lousy at putting on  fake lashes.. :X Mascara is nice.... Except the removal part as it is seriously a chore to remove. In conclusion, I'm just a lazy person. HAHAHA! I was always envious of people who has long luscious lashes as I was someone who was never seen with lashes but now..


What I like best about Devonshire is that you're able to customize your eyelashes to your liking. If you want to make your eyes look cute, the stylists will fix the lash extentions to make your eyes rounder and wider and if you'd like the sexy look, they can customize your lashes to make them more cat like and lifted. 

Personally, I love my eye make up style to wing downwards, therefore, my eyelash extentions are customised to fit the look that I want to achieve, which is the "droopy eye look"!  I have on a Mix of C curl 11mm and J curl 11-12mm. Upper lashes - 180, Bottom 50 (Inner C curl, Outer J curl) The outcome is super chio right?! I love it so much! :D

Probably, what makes Devonshire's EyeDesign special and safe is that the glue and all of the extensions used are manufactured in Japan EyeDesign Factory. (Anything Jap is SUGOI 凄い : すごい *Thumbs up*) HAHAHA!!!! The glue in particular is made specifically for sensitive eyes hence it's very safe and gentle on our natural lashes. In order to prevent any irritation around the eye area, all their stylists are trained to place the extensions 2mm away from the lash root. This also prevents damage to the natural lashes.

What I love most about them is how nicely they curl upwards; enlarging my eyes. I've seen how some extensions causes girls' eyes to appear smaller but Devonshire's don't do that at all! I have no regrets and I will definitely keep coming back for more.

The whole eyelash extention procedure lasted for less than an hour which is extremely fast given that I had 180 top and 50 bottom extensions glued to my natural lashes! O.O  Moe from Devonshire was my stylist and she is extremely professional at it,! she was extremely calm, gentle and had a steady hand. I did not feel any discomfort at all during the session! 

The previous time I had eyelash extentions at done elsewhere, my eyes was watery and red right after the session as I felt that the glue was stinging my eyes throughout the whole procedure!! x.x However, my experience at Devonshire was totally different one and I can safely say that I enjoyed it very much! I thought that I would never do eyelash extensions anymore after my first eyelash extention experience but Devonshire managed to change my mind. :D

Also, Devonshire's interior is super gorgeous! Just look at these pictures!

When I walked into Devonshire, I was literally like... WOW! I LOVE THIS PLACE! O.O It makes me feel so cozy and relaxed! The place looks even better in real life though! 

 Now my eyes can look pretty even without make up! :D I can just leave my house without eye make up and still look glam :D Thank you so much Devonshire!

Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons is located at:

113 Devonshire Road 
(Just across the street from Triple One Somerset, same road as the Singtel building)

For more information, head over to!
Call 6334 7898 for enquires or to book an appointment.

Quote my name to have 25% off ala carte menu!
Prices vary according to length and quantity of lash extensions. 

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  1. I went recently for the first lash extension in my life. They were really great! No pain!
    Just wondering if I quote your name, do I still entitled for discount for 2nd visit as I used their promo for the first timers. :)