Thursday, August 27, 2015

Orange is the new black!

Hello all!

I am super pleased to be invited down to Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons once again! This time, I topped up my eyelash extentions that lasted me for more than a month and ALSO did my new hair colour - Orange! I really love how it turned out & how Preston, my hair colourist effortlessly styled my hair afterwards! If only I was as skillful as him, I would braid and style my hair myself like that everyday :'((( It's so pretty!! 

This may sound contradictory but personally, I would never pick the colour orange over another colour. I barely own a single orange piece of clothing in my wardrobe :p However, after seeing on Seohyun from Girls Generation rocking this shade of orange hair. I immediately told myself, THIS SHALL ME MY NEXT HAIR COLOUR!!!! AHHAHAA! #hairgoals #hairinspiration <-- Is this how people usually do it? xD    

Unfortunately, my previous hair colour before this was red and it was really really hard to remove and my roots have grown out a lot. Well, it was a great experience and definitely make heads turn, but I have to think twice before I ever go back being a red head again. :( I admit I have a habit of taking pics of my hair roots when they grow out to a certain length that irks me :p Here's one pic!

Definitely not a pretty sight lol.

 I'm so pleased with the results! Hehe. Thank you Preston for putting in so much effort into getting the exact shade of orange that I requested ^^

Hehe, I fell asleep this time when Moe, my eye stylist was doing my eyelash extentions I guess it was too comfortable :p She was super fast! She took about 30-40minutes to work on my eyelashes but I was secretly wishing she took a longer time that day because I had no other plans that day and wanted to sleep longer.... :p These extentions are extremely lightweight and I don't feel anything on my eyes nor discomfort! I have nothing to complain about especially when I can wake up with pretty eyes ^^ I have no need for mascara in my makeup routine =D


I love how I can step out of Devonshire with both my hair and eyelashes done, ready to conquer the world. :p 

My dear readers may quote my name "Charlotte" to have 25% off ala carte menu!

 Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons is located at:

113 Devonshire Road 
(Just across the street from Triple One Somerset, same road as the Singtel building)

For more information, head over to!
Call 6334 7898 for enquires or to book an appointment.

Prices vary according to length and quantity of lash extensions. 

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  1. Hi Charlotte, can you share how you managed to get rid of the scars on your legs? Cos I noticed in the earlier butteredgun photo shoots that you had plenty of those scars. I have a little and I have no idea how to get rid of them. Hope you don't mind me asking.