Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fifty-eight more days

As much as I'd like to have an interesting post, my life has been a routine since internship started. Guess my life wasn't as interesting to begin with. I've been told I'm more of an introvert which I, myself am not quite sure of. I would say I'm a mix of both ex&introverted. I can be super outgoing one day and in my own world the next day. HAHAHA! I was also told that I have a bad vibe, no? :( No wonder people don't like me/ stay away from me and don't approach me la LOL... :( It's sad how people judge me completely opposite from who I really am. So far, I don't think I'm doing very well at work. Probably it's because I did not have a particularly good impression on the first day itself. Looks like I have to fact the consequence of my actions, :(((( On a much cheerful note, I still have about 2 more months left to prove my worth... And they better see it otherwise... Otherwise I'm gonna burn this place down. No, I am joking. ;) Maybe.

Although my internship grades would not affect my GPA, I still want it to be good because honestly, I think I don't deserve a D. Most of the things here I picked up myself and they expect me to know how they operate just because I've learnt tax as a module in poly? I was not offered proper guidance honestly and I regret not complaining. TSK. I feel as though they just kicked me into a swimming pool and expect me to swim for the first time. LOL. No, please don't imagining it happening for real.. xD Haha, I just don't know why things always don't work out for me. Not to mention, my grades in school are taking a dive, and I'm so fortunate not to repeat any modules though I almost did. I WAS JUST LUCKY OK?! Most of my friends kept telling me that they're scared they'll forward module. IN THE END, grades so good. -.- I don't know what to say. Fuck you all. I really don't know what to say. Don't worry, I will not snatch your places in university.. You all can go fight for your seats for university among yourselves, just don't include me in, because, I know it for myself that I have no place there right from the start. I'd rather stay out of your competitive lives and mind my own business because this is not my major. Yes, I'm in the wrong course. It was a big mistake I know, but nothing I do will change the fact that I've already spent more than 2 years here. It's a struggle, yes, but I've set my mind to make sure I do not repeat the same mistakes again and do something I like instead, which is definitely not what I'm doing right now.

One day, things will change for the better, I'm sure of it. :)

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